A Look at DUI in Pennsylvania

In 2016, approximately 10,317 alcohol-related crashes were reported in Pennsylvania. Many of these accidents caused serious injury and even death. Driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence, is a serious criminal charge because so many lives are in danger for your decision to drive drunk. No judge in the state is easy on anyone convicted of this crime.  Expect the steepest of consequences if you’re convicted of the crime.

Avoid a DUI charge altogether and keep yourself and everyone in the community safe. Could you live with yourself if someone died as a result of your decision to drive while intoxicated? It’s not difficult to avoid this criminal charge. Simply do not drive an automobile if you’re drinking alcohol. The two simply don’t mix and never end well. If you don’t get behind the wheel, you cannot be charged with the crime, nor is anyone’s life at risk.

But, sometimes we don’t think and mishaps occur. In the event you are caught driving under the influence, take every measure possible to protect yourself in the matter.  Look for bail bonds near me pittsburgh pa to bond out of jail. Once you’re out of jail, find a DUI lawyer to help defend you in court. Going to court without a lawyer is the worst decision you’d ever make.

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DUI conviction turns life as you know it upside down for the rest of your life. Not only does this conviction follow you everywhere that you go, making it difficult to get a job, a home, and even form relationships, you may need to attend alcohol classes, you may be placed on probation, house arrest and monitoring is also possible. It’s always scary to face a DUI charge in the state of Pennsylvania.

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