Ensuring That Your Creative Dreams Are Protected From Theft

As a writer, artists, spokesperson or anyone that has ever created something unique, the thought of releasing it into the world is frightening.  With the advent of the Internet and digital files, it is now easier than ever to steal someone’s creative talents and mark them off as your own.  This is why it is very important that you take steps to protect yourself, your ideas and your future possible earnings.  To do this successfully you will want to contact someone familiar with entertainment law atlanta ga for a consultation and review of your materials.

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Copyright and trademarks

The most common areas under dispute are copyrights and trademarks.  When we create something it is automatically protected by copyright laws.  However, having documentation and a paper trail for copyright will serve you well.  Trademarks are also very important to protect.  Many businesses have built entire content empires off of trademarks.  Items such as cartoon characters, breakfast cereals and even movies are all trademarked. 

Contracts and business

When getting into contracts and business where creative ideas are thrown around it is important that you have nondisclosure contracts in place, monetary split agreements in order as well as what rights for what part of the intellectual property are being offered.  Many creative properties may only offer television rights and not movies.  Someone may have the rights to write and publish books and fan fiction using the characters where another is responsible for toys.

Term limits

When working on these deals what term limits will be put into place?  In some situations, a company will purchase an idea or IP as it is called for a set number of years for a set price.  During this time no one else will be able to do anything with it.  With these types of arrangements, you want to be very careful since your idea may be locked up for years with no ability to profit from it.

Having a great idea is great.  Making something out of it is even better.  However, if you don’t know how to protect yourself then millions of dollars and not to mention your dream cold disappear with a stroke of a pen.

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